The Coolest Websites

AllMusic – a reliable source for music information—-basically an archive of everything you can imagine and more (includes musical influences, similar artists, moods, style characteristics, biographies, etc!!)…Music Wikipedia

The Creators Project – a global arts/technology initiative that supports visionary artists, filmmakers, and musicians who use technology to express their creativity (really cool!)

Radio 1190 -University of Colorado at Boulder independent radio station (that plays excellent music). You can listen locally or stream it online!

91.3fm wyep: where the music matters -an independent Pittsburgh, PA radio station that really cares about music—you can listen online or if you’re lucky enough to live in the Pittsburgh area, go ahead and tune in.

Program Council -provides CU Boulder with free film screenings, professional quality concerts, and comedy shows. Completely student run and maintains an impressive history, including the likes of Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Savoy, Girl Talk, Pretty Lights, The Roots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, RJD2, and The Grateful Dead, to name a few. A lot of events are free or incredibly cheap, so go to them! If you live in another country, fly here, it’s worth it.

Bart’s Music Shack -a tiny CD and vinyl shop in Boulder, CO, run by Bart himself. Definitely worth a visit!

DJ Spooky’s Errata Erratum -an interactive Marcel Duchamp remix project created by DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid (you can pretend to DJ! Sort of…)—the idea behind it is really interesting but way too complex for this page, so here’s a link if you are interested.

dubspot -a school in New York City that offers production and DJing courses

Twist and Shout -a Denver, CO record store that hosts many cool events, such as Record Store Day and frequent in store mini performances for free (including Foster the People, Tegan and Sara, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake, fun., The Wood Brothers, Elephant Revival, The Flobots, Citizen Cope, etc etc)

Mixed In Key -really cool software that makes the life of a DJ much much easier. It is an award-winning program that gives you the tool of harmonic mixing, and does so by scanning your music library to find songs that can be mixed together perfectly without clashing.

Sweetwater: Musical Instruments and Pro Audio -experts in the field of audio

RADisRAD -a Southern California clothing design brand that is inspired by music, dance, and art. They make really goofy and cool shirts (etc)

Native Instruments -technology company that creates really good quality hardware/software for DJs and producers

Beatport -the iTunes of the electronic dance world

Sound On Sound -a magical world of information for recording engineers (aspiring and established), producers, mastering engineers, and the like.

SoundCloud -a musical Facebook, essentially. You post your own music, you become fans of other musicians/DJs, people follow you, and you can comment on and “like” your favorites.

Digital DJ Tips -the best DJ information source I can think of. If DJing or production interests you, it is possible to spend many days on this site.

Sound Healing Info:

Sound Healers Association

Healing At The Speed of Sound

BioWaves Sound Therapy

Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute


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