Halloween Medicine Show – Snake Rattle Rattle Snake – Church Fire – Reverend Deadeye – DJ Vince Voyeur –

Writing a Halloween post in December comes off as procrastination and poor timing, though I believe any moment that may or may not be Halloween provides a perfect opportunity to write about the holiday. The further you get from October 31st, the more you need it around. This year my wife and I actually dressed up, instead of tossing around ideas – Bob Ross & a Happy Little Tree, Bill & Ted, Wayne & Garth, Chihiro & No Face, creative option & related creative option – and choosing the lazy road instead (an actual road). Out of love for older Tim Burton films, and the characters in Beetlejuice specifically, we decided on Lydia Deetz (me) and Beetlejuice (her). We also determined that modeling our dynamic after its depiction in the cartoon felt like the right option: best friends instead of enemies.



Best friends. Not enemies.


Choosing an event to dress up for presented the second obstacle. Sitting at home, drinking beer, watching Beetlejuice in our costumes sounded like a great idea, but felt slightly wasteful. The solution presented itself in Syntax Physic Opera‘s Halloween event, featuring DJ Vince Voyeur, Church Fire, Reverend Deadeye, and Snake Rattle Rattle Snake.

Read on, fellow Halloween fan(s)! I have written multiple interesting words about this place, the bands, and the event in general, including a graymonster music Q&A exclusive.

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