1957-1970: The Beatles Give The World a New Sound

The film Nowhere Boy depicts the initial formation of the Beatles
from the perspective of a young John Lennon.

It starts with him running from hundreds of screaming fans,
followed by the unfortunate realization that he was just dreaming.
In one scene, Lennon sits alone in a movie theater, surrounded by girls, watching an Elvis Presley film.
His glance shifts quickly between the screen and the theater filled with swooning females, whose extremely positive reaction causes some surprise on the part of Lennon, as well as some jealous feelings and a spark of ambition.
As a huge grin spreads across his face, the audience can sense what he is thinking.
Later, after describing this strange experience to his biological mother, he complains: “Oh, why couldn’t God make me Elvis?!” to which she responds, “Because he was saving you for John Lennon!”
If she did say something similar in real life, she probably had no clue how right she would be.
She also wouldn’t live to see John’s wish realized.

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